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Australian made handbags. Planet-friendly ethics.

We’re living in interesting times, it’s true. 

So many of the small decisions we make today will have a profound impact on the world tomorrow. We’re all becoming increasingly aware that our choices will reverberate down through future generations of all living things, and it’s on us to make those choices better ones. 

And sometimes, that can feel more than a little bit overwhelming. 

Enter C.O.O.P. Our goal is to make helping the planet easy, by designing handbags that make sustainability frictionless – and beautiful.

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Bags that suit your outfit – and your conscience.

You don’t need just another handbag. That’s why we design and craft C.O.O.P bags to be sustainable on every level. 

They use repurposed and recycled waste materials. They’re packaged minimally. Designed to fit your reusables, like product bags and coffee cups. And when you’re done with them, we’ll take them back, repair or recycle, and even give you a 15% discount to say thanks.  


Planting trees with every purchase.

At C.O.O.P, we’re acutely conscious that we’re living through a Climate Emergency. And we want to be part of the solution. That’s why we’ve partnered with Greenfleet, planting trees to offset our carbon emissions through their native reforestation program.

Because we’re all custodians of our planet. 

Shop sustainable bags


Sustainable style, from A to Zipper.

A is for accountability. We aim to be transparent in everything, because we’re not just accountable to our customers, we consider ourselves accountable to the planet, too.

B is for bottles. Approximately 8 of them are in every metre of recycled woven PET fabric we use.

C is for coffee cup. We know you’ve probably got a reusable coffee cup that you often forget to take with you. That’s why we’ve designed a special spot for it, so you’re never caught without it. 

D is for design. We’ve thought about the bag you need in your real life. That means there’s room for your shopping, your water bottle, your reusable straws.

E is for elegance. Our design is classic, made to go with everything. Because we think minimalism should be effortless.

F is for fabric. Ours is made of recycled post-consumer PET plastic bottles. At present, we import this fabric from Taiwan as we can’t find an Australian supplier. Please let us know if you hear of one. 

G is for Gutermann. They supply our recycled polyester thread. It’s tough and high quality. Like our bags themselves.

H is for hardware. The strap components in our crossbody bag are sturdy metal, designed to last.

I is for intelligence. We’ve done some hard thinking to source materials the most ethical way. Like our leather handles and logo, reclaimed from scrap produced in the manufacture of other leather goods.

J is for journey. We’re a young brand, and we know we’re at the beginning of an epic journey – in business, and life. That’s why we’re always thinking about the long game, not short-term profit.

K is for keys. Yes, there’s a place for them. No more fishing around at the bottom of your bag.

L is for local. Part of our design ethos is to source locally where possible, and manufacture here in Melbourne. It reduces our carbon footprints, and helps our local community too.

M is for minimalism. We design our bags to be multi-purpose, ultra-functional accessories that make your life easier – and more streamlined.  

N is for natural cork. We use it in the base of our bags. It’s a natural and sustainable crop, plus it has antimicrobial properties too.

O is for original. Our business is one we’ve nurtured from the idea up, and our sustainable designs are different, in the best kind of way.

P is for present. A C.O.O.P bag makes a thoughtful gift for those who are equally eco- and style-conscious. Which definitely includes you.

Q is for quality. We manufacture in small batches, with the highest attention to detail. Because we want every C.O.O.P bag to be a keeper.

R is for reasons. We have one simple reason for creatingC.O.O.P: our planet is our home, and it’s up to us to look after it. 

S is for stewardship. When you’re done with your C.O.O.P bag, send it back to us and we’ll either repair, recycle or re-home it. And we’ll give you a 15% discount to say thanks.

T is for trees. We partner with Greenfleet to plant them through an Australia/NZ native reforestation program, helping offset our carbon emissions.

U is for unboxing. We know unwrapping a gorgeous new bag is part of the experience, so we’ve designed our packaging to be a beautiful experience, while stepping lightly on the environment.

V is for veg (and fruit). Our reusable produce bags have a special spot in every C.O.O.P bag, so you’ll never forget them at the shops.

W is for waste – the plastic kind. Our carabiners are produced from post-consumer waste by Precious Plastics in Melbourne.

X is for excessive packaging. We don’t do it. In fact, we’ve pared away all unnecessary packaging, because we know how annoying it can get. Even your mailing box is reusable and compostable.

Y is for you, our customers. We always want to learn more about how we can help you. Please let us know if you have an idea for an improvement to our products.

Z is for zippers. Ours are recycled plastic Natulon, by YKK. Each zip is made with approximately one third of a post-consumer PET bottle.


Shop sustainable bags