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What kind of a bag lover are you?

Which kind of bag owner are you?
C.O.O.P customers usually fall into one of the following categories.
1-Sustainably Aware-Are all over climate change, separate their recyclables, compost, buy products based on the recyclability of the packaging, usually always have a reusable water bottle or coffee cup with them.
2- Bag Addicts- they just LOVE bags! But their bags need to be both functional AND beautiful. It has to look great, and interesting, and cool. Pockets need to be carefully considered, and handles the perfect length and hand feel.
3- Sustainably Unaware- They know there is a climate emergency. But they are busy. They just want to know ‘Can someone guide me to the easiest and quickest way to make impactful change please?’ ( C.O.O.P is here for you babes!)
4- Carries their world in their bag- You need it, they’ve got it in their bag. Hand sanitiser ✅, lip balm ✅, sunglasses, reading glasses✅, glasses cleaner ✅, snack ✅, bandaid ✅, Bobby pins ✅, strapping tape ✅- ok, this is my actual bag. I say I like to be prepared for any occasion, some might say hoarder 😆. Perfect bag for holidays, beach trips, weekends away, everything!!

So tell me which type are you?