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Welcome to the Custodians of Our Planet - a sustainable bag brand.

And I want to start by saying these posts will be infrequent, but I'm on a drive to get greater brand awareness, and I've been assured that this will help. You've been invaluable to my biz so far, so please bear with me. And if it all gets too much, please give me a stern talking to.
C.O.O.P, as in chicken coop, is the sustainable bag brand for those who want to be active in caring for our planet. Who are curious about exploring the less obvious option, knowing that their choice will be better for the planet. Knowing that this small action of choosing a C.O.O.P bag is helping fight climate change.
 These bags may costs a little more than usual, because they are also designed and made in Australia, meaning local craftspeople are being ethically supported and paid.
And the fabrics chosen are done so because I believe that they are sustainable- in different ways. One is made from recycled plastic, taking waste out of landfill and repurposing it. Less landfill = less green house gas emissions = less climate change. Another fabric is from sustainably sourced and processed wool, that can be reused, or dug into the ground and happily biodegrade.
I use as many sustainable complementary components as possible - like recycled plastic zippers, and lining made from recycled hemp and cotton, links made from waste bottle tops, and fold up totes made from reclaimed ghost fishing nets.
I still haven’t found a sustainable option for slider rings or d rings- but I’ll keep looking, or think of alternatives. I’ll always keep looking for new sustainable materials to use, and the best packaging alternatives.
And the best banks and insurers that support climate action.
And lastly, I will aim to make this business sustainable for me to continue doing. Because I can’t keep making sustainable bags or donations to Greenfleet to plant forests, if I don’t continue my business. This might mean that the business appears quiet for a while, based on costs of materials and how many extra shifts I can work to pay for product. But I want to still be here repairing your bags for life of product- it’s all part of keeping your bags in use, and being valued possession.
And because C.O.O.P bags don’t belong in landfill!
And I’m so glad you are along for the ride, and happy to be custodians of our planet with me.
Please keep telling your family and friends about the super powers your bag holds, and why everyone should have one- to help protect out planet for future generations.
Stick with me kids- we’ve got some good stuff left to do!