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What kind of a bag lover are you?

Which Type of bag owner are you? Sustainably aware? Sustainably UNaware? Bag addict? Caries the world in your bag? Or a little bit of a few? (Im definitely 1, 3 and 4?)

Let's talk Australian made ( and cost of goods).

So, I've decided to pursue manufacturing in Australia for now,  and I'm so glad I have.  I love that I support local craftspeople- and they really are craftspeople. Their work is beautiful, and the quality is always excellent.

What else makes the C.O.O.P All Rounder Tote bag sustainable?

So, just a bag, but with BIG ambitions. Basically, this bag wants to help you save the planet. And to help you be a little bit more sustainable every time you use it. Because we cant all be perfect eco warriors, but I believe every little thing we do can...

What makes a C.O.O.P bag sustainable? Let's start with the Fabric in the All Rounder Tote and Cross Body bags..

Finding a suitable sustainable fabric two years ago, started with me typing into Google "sustainable fabric", and then a thousand possible variations of this search. Eco. Recycled. Recyclable. Circular. Natural Fibres......And I searched the wide world web for hours, and days, and probably months, looking for a suitable fabric for my first sustainable...

Welcome to the Custodians of Our Planet - a sustainable bag brand.

C.O.O.P, as in chicken coop, is the sustainable bag brand for those who want to be active in caring for our planet. Who are curious about exploring the less obvious option, knowing that their choice will be better for the planet. Knowing that this small action of choosing a C.O.O.P...